Smartwork tests start at Cáritas Coimbra (Portugal)

On 1 October 2020, one of Caritas Coimbra’s Centers (Portugal) started the tests to evaluate the usability, utility and reliability of the first prototype of the SmartWork system, in order to provide practical feedback to its technological developers and improve the final version of the system.

This system centered in office workers aged over 55 aims to:

  • Promote their active and continuous participation in their professional life;
  • Support the active and healthy ageing of office workers;
  • Monitor the wellbeing, behavioural, emotional and cognitive status of workers;
  • Better deal with the consequences of ageing and sedentary lifestyle at work;
  • Generate benefits for 55+ workers, their employers and family carers.

The Smartwork system gathers a set of technological equipment (such as computer, webcam, intelligent mouse, smartphone and wearables), that will safely collect data and analyse it to further produce personalized suggestions and recommendations to support the worker’s functional and cognitive capacity.

Nowadays, office setups themselves draw specific challenges to the 55+ workers, mostly within the pandemic context we are living: working for long in front of the computer, holding the same position, spending too much time seated, not eating properly at work breaks, having stressing environmental conditions, or inadequate working habits. Participants are thus hoping to understand if the system is able to help them manage some of this daily demands and willing to provide feedback on the best way to achieve it, departing from their point of view.

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