SmartWork Vision

A Worker-Centric AI System

The SmartWork holistic approach will support active and healthy ageing at work for older office workers, through a suite of smart services, building a Worker-Centric AI System for work ability sustainability. In other words, keeping ageing people working for longer by supporting them with unobtrusive sensing and monitoring of their health, behaviour, cognitive and emotional status, and responding to their needs.

Benefits for older workers, employers and carers

The SmartWork AI system will enable decision support for personalised interventions for the maintenance/ improvement of work ability, including optimized services for on-the-fly work flexibility coordination, seamless transfer of the work environment between different devices and different environments (home, office, on the move), and on-demand personalized training. SmartWork services and modules will also empower the employer to improve the efficiency and productivity of office worker teams with AI decision support tools. Moreover, formal and informal carers will be able to continuously monitor the overall health status and risks of the people they care for, thus providing full support to the older office worker for sustainable, active and healthy ageing.

Co-creation with end users

A key component of SmartWork design will be the co-creation and evaluation of the SmartWork system with the active engagement of all end-users (55-65 aged office workers, employers and carers) in real-world settings, with special attention to ethics, privacy and security. This will allow the project team to develop scalable services adaptable to the worker’s profile, and pave the way for a successful deployment and exploitation of digital health flexible work practices suiting also the needs of other age groups.

SmartWork Objectives

The SmartWork scientific and technological objectives focus on addressing the challenges faced by office workers as they grow old, and their employers, in a holistic way by implementing and validating in real settings an ICT-enabled framework integrating unobtrusive and ubiquitous ICT tools and services supporting an age friendly working and living environment. The SmartWork vision is realized through a multi- and trans-disciplinary user-centric approach with concrete technical and scientific objectives as follows:

To create a worker-centric AI system for work ability sustainability

To achieve unobtrusive sensing and modelling of the worker state

To implement a novel SmartWork Services Suite for the context and worker-aware adaptive work support

To co-create and evaluate the SmartWork system with the active engagement of the end users in real world settings, with special attention to ethics, privacy and security