What do the pilot participants think about the SmartWork services?

Part 2 – Interviews with the participants of the pilot activities in Portugal 

SmartWork pilot activities took place in Denmark (Center for Assisted Living Technology in Aarhus) and Portugal (Caritas Coimbra in Coimbra) in late 2021 and early 2022. ECHAlliance’s Innovation Director, Karolina Mackiewicz, spoke with the participants of the pilots to learn about their experience and if they recommend SmartWork to the other office workers. 

“This helps me to have a more active, and healthy lifestyle.”

Woman who works in the office and customer service

What did you like most about SmartWork? Would you like to use it also after the end of the pilot?

The component I used most in SmartWork was Fitbit and mobile phone. Every day I saw my hours of sleep, the steps, and checked out that I could do what I set out to do. 

I would love to continue to use the whole system precisely because of it. Fitbit helps me to control what I do, and I have the feeling of obligation to do all the physical activities. This helps me to have a more active, and healthy lifestyle. Besides, I even feel like I have a friend (Amelia) who talks to me from time to time. It seems to care about me and helps me do better.

I take this opportunity to mention that I tested I-care. The caregiver understood very well how it worked, but I know he didn’t use it much. He had at an early-stage curiosity to see how it worked. He asks me if I’m fulfilling my goals, and this interaction helps me.

“I think this kind of system should be recommended to all people, the younger and the older.”

Man who works in the supply department

Would you recommend SmartWork to your colleagues and friends who didn’t have a chance to use it yet?

Yes, I would. I’ve already spoken to my colleagues and my children. I recommend it because this kind of system made me change some of my habits. 

I changed a lot, even without thinking about, at an early stage, that could change them. I’ve created good habits, and I don’t even think I’m doing them anymore. 

Initially I thought I was doing them out of obligation, so now it’s a good habit. And because using the SmartWork system was a good help to me, it can also be a help to others. 

I think this kind of system should be recommended to all people, the younger and the older. If you think about it, many younger people are very sedentary. More than half of young people are fat.