SmartWork Workshop at PETRA 2019

The SmartWork project is excited to announce that we will be heading to the PETRA conference in Rhodes, Greece, 5-7 June 2019.

The PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA) international conference is a highly interdisciplinary conference that focuses on computational and engineering approaches to improve quality of life and enhance human performance in a wide range of settings, in the workplace, at home, in public spaces, urban environments, and other. The event brings together different types of technologies that address important social and health issues for more sensitive groups, such as the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases. For older people in particular, PETRA addresses the fact that they will increasingly rely on technology to be able to stay longer in their homes and enjoy an independent life.

PETRA 2019 (link to Conference Programme) is therefore an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of the SmartWork project among researchers and innovators with the common goal of promoting Active and Healthy Ageing.

SmartWork Workshop

On day 2 of PETRA, SmartWork project partners will lead a workshop on Smart, Personalized and Age-Friendly Working Environments, chaired by Otilia Kocsis from SmartWork partner, the University of Patras.

The SmartWork workshop will attract an interdisciplinary group of researchers who are involved in research related to age-friendly working environments. The workshop will discuss and consider how to design, develop and evaluate novel ICT tools that enable smart, personalized and age-friendly working environments, exploiting unobtrusive and pervasive monitoring of the workers in different environments (e.g. at work place, at home, on-the-move) to ensure continuous of care and workability sustainability.

SmartWork project partners will present a range of papers in the area of smart age-friendly working environments, including:

  • ‘SmartWork: Designing a Smart Age-Friendly Living and Working Environment for Office Workers’, Otilia Kocsis and Konstantinos Moustakas (University of Patras)
  • ‘Conceptual Architecture of a Multi-Dimensional Modeling Framework for Older Office Workers’, Otilia Kocsis and Konstantinos Moustakas (University of Patras)
  • ‘Improving Face Recognition of Artificial Social Companions for Smart Working and Living Environments’, João Quintas (Instituto Pedro Nunes)
  • ‘Pervasive Technologies Applied to the Work Environment: Implications for End-users’, Sofia Ortet, Carina Dantas, Natália Machado (all Caritas Coimbra), Valentina Tageo (ECHAlliance), João Quintas (IPN) and Sonja Haansen (Center for Assisted Living)
  • ‘Older Workers, Technology and the Balance of Power: An Ethical Review’, Carina Dantas, Willeke van Staalduinen, Natália Machado, Ana Jegundo and Flávia Rodrigues (Caritas Coimbra).

The PETRA 2019 proceedings will be published in the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Library as part of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series program.

More information on PETRA 2019 is available here.