SmartWork launches its promotional video

The partners of SmartWork project are proud to release the promotional video that presents its five services and how they support health and wellbeing at work and enable positive changes in today’s and tomorrow’s workplace. 

Specifically targeting older office workers, employers and care practitioners, the services aim to help keep them engaged in work whilst minimising digital obstacles and promoting health awareness and responsibility.

The SmartWork Service Suite includes Ubiwork, myWorkAbility, healthyMe, workCoach and digiTeam.

  • Ubiwork supports impromptu work flexibility through an ever-present computer work environment to help create inclusive, accessible interfaces for office workers, and adapt to their current needs and preferences.
  • Designed to continuously assess the psycho-physical capacity of the office worker, myWorkAbility offers flexible working practices and an Al decision-making support tool. 
  • healthyMe monitors physiologic and behavioural parameters in a continuous, unobtrusive and ubiquitous manner to promote efficient self-management of chronic health conditions, positive behavioural attitude changes and improved quality of life.
  • workCoach gives on-demand training support to both help office workers gain new skills and increase technology acceptance.
  • digiTeam supports smart and flexible management of the workforce to boost efficiency of teams working on specific tasks and optimize training and knowledge management activities.

In Europe, the issue of an older workforce has become more prominent than ever. The SmartWork project addresses the challenge with a single breakthrough AI system that accounts for health aspects, while it adheres to General Data Protection Regulation. SmartWork will be available on a monthly-subscription, primarily targeting mid-sized organizations.

Watch the video: