SmartWork in the press

The SmartWork project has attracted the attention of the Dutch press in recent weeks, featuring in articles online on the Emerce and Media Perspectives websites.

The Emerce article, “Older employees stay healthy longer with eHealth and artificial intelligence”,  refers to the Smartwork project and how its technology and data helps to predict the risk of functional or cognitive decline in order to offer a personalized training program for older office workers. 

Published 25 February 2019:

The Media Perspectives article focuses on 5 uses of artificial intelligence. At number 4 on the list is “Keep older employees healthy”, and the article refers specifically to the SmartWork project and its use of sensors to measure the health, behavior, cognitive fitness and emotional status of office workers. It highlights that the risk of functional or cognitive decline can then be predicted, and managers can use this data to divide tasks among employees and, for example, offer a personalized training program. 

Published 28 February 2019: