SmartWork in Krakow @ EIP-AHA group D4 meeting

SmartWork was in Poland last week at a meeting of the D4 Action Group of the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) at LifeScience Park in Krakow, 9-10 May 2019.

The D4 Action Group focuses on age-friendly buildings, cities and environments and brings together almost 200 partners across the EU, including regional and local authorities, NGOs, academia, research centres and companies, who commit to implementing strategies to create environments conducive to the active and healthy ageing of the European population.

Carina Dantas (Caritas Coimbra)

The SmartWork project featured on the Agenda on 9 May, as Carina Dantas from SmartWork Consortium Partner, Caritas Coimbra, presented an overview of the project. Carina explained that the SmartWork concept is rooted in the premise that the design of age-friendly living and working spaces is key in supporting active and healthy ageing, and that SmartWork is developing and validating a suite of smart services to support office workers aged 55+ to maintain an active professional life, helping them to renew their work skills and adopt healthier lifestyles, despite the ageing process and potential functional limitations, health conditions or care needs.

The gathering in Krakow reflected on the recent developments in age-friendly environment policies and experiences in Poland, European age-friendly housing certification, smart healthy age-friendly environments, and the future of EIPonAHA beyond 2020.