SmartWork and Ethics in the spotlight @ AAL Forum 2019

The AAL Forum 2019 Programme has been announced and the SmartWork project will feature in Workshop 29: Ethics, data and privacy protection: who will take responsibility and how we proceed to a common framework for IT-AHA in Europe?’.

The goal of the Workshop is to raise discussion on how we can make sure that older – mostly not tech-savvy – people who use non-medical technology solutions are ‘safe’ with regard to their data and privacy.

SmartWork will be one of three projects in the spotlight, with discussion around the ethical challenges associated with data and privacy in workplace technology, such as SmartWork, for an ageing workforce.

New ICT solutions aim to take care of people who are older, sometimes fragile and most of the time not tech-savvy. They make use of people’s data to improve the technology in general and, on a personal level, to keep an eye on the users’ wellbeing. We expect they are keeping them ‘safe’ when collecting and analysing their data. Because, caring for people – who are mostly unaware of the ’worth’ of their information – is also taking responsibility for their safety by protecting their data and privacy.

However, technology doesn’t police itself. Several technologies, namely in the health sector, are well framed in terms of data protection, ethical concerns and privacy, but many others are flourishing with no framework other than the GDPR and no adequate supervision. How can we make European policy to keep people using non-medical technology solutions ‘safe’ and raise their awareness concerning data and privacy so they can make ‘safe’ decisions themselves? Not to scare anyone, but to understand how the common citizen might be unaware of what’s coming down the pipeline or already is in their house or work.

Policy making at a European level on the ethical framework is one way to protect them, but it is also essential to raise their awareness, so they are able to make ‘safe’ choices themselves. How to achieve these two sides of the same medallion is our objective.

The Workshop will be chaired by Carina Dantas of SmartWork partner Caritas Coimbra, and supported by Sonja Hansen (Center for Assisted Living Technology, Aarhus) and Valentina Tageo (ECHAlliance), and will take place on Wednesday 25 September 2019 16:00-17:30 in the Suecia Room.

You can also come and meet some of the SmartWork team at a booth in the Exhibition area which will open Tuesday 24th from 9.00 to 18.00 and Wednesday 25th from 9.00 to 18.00.

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