Tom Christian


Tom is an Engineer in ICT and Master in Health Informatics. Tom has a long career in tele-and data communications from management positions in Europe and P.O. at The European Commission. Especially Tom has developed and operated Telemedicine Services in Denmark in corporation with the National Health Services and hospitals focusing on treatment of chronical diseases and effects on socio-economics.

Tom pays priority to knowledge sharing and hence collaborations locally, nationally and internationally for exchange of knowledge among manufactures and knowledge institutions. In that capacity Tom has chaired the Health Technological Committee of the Danish Engineers Association.


Is European Project Officer for Center for Assisted Living Technology, Health and Care, Aarhus Municipality. She has a BA in languages and Diploma in Public Administration and Economy and a certified project manager education. She has worked with project development, coordination and fundraising since 2007, and has been engaged in several EU-projects. Sonja has experience in collaborating international, in both Triple and Quatro Helix cooperation and has both national and international networks and close cooperation with the EU-system and Danish EU-offices in Brussels and their networks as ERRIN – European Regions regional international network, the Commissions DG Connect and DG Sante and the EIP on AHA network (European international partnership on active and healthy ageing), the CORAL-network (Community of regions for assisted living), Age friendly cities etc.