SmartWork aims to support older workers and all workers in general in various aspects of their life spanning from the monitoring of their physical and cognitive health to the provision of assistance in their every job tasks. A central component of the project is the DigiTeam service, which aims to digitally enhance the collaboration among colleagues, monitor the quality of the produced results, prioritize job tasks and form teams that would effectively get the job done in each given case, and thus maximizing the impact of the skills and competencies of the workers. The DigiTeam service focuses on the everyday (office) life of the workers, aiming to support both employees and employers to organize their work and transparently promote collaboration and teamwork, as well as act as a basis for the personnel training.    

The proposed implementation is based on Trello web-based collaboration tool, where a dedicated “SmartWork” power-up is realised, enabling the job scheduling, progress monitoring and resource (human and time) management. The power-up may function as a standalone Trello component or in integrated mode with the SmartWork platform, facilitating its future exploitation. Thanks to this power-up the user will have the ability to enrich the task information with further details, including its priority, its start and actual end date and the competencies required in order of this task to be successfully completed. This information will be fed to the SmartWork AI component allowing for further processing, in order to generate smart recommendations and notifications, regarding the workers training needs, the teams’ synthesis and extract conclusions related to the overall productivity of the team.

DigiTeam AngularJS-based snapshot

The SmartWork Trello power-up is combined with AngularJS based dashboard that will enable both employees and employers to monitor their progress, assess corresponding work parameters (e.g. productivity), provide feedback, form teams based on expertise and competences, receive recommendations and perform training sessions, enhancing/promoting in that way collaboration and providing support to their job tasks. This AngularJS based web applications, will be the main interaction point of DigiTeam service with the SmartWork platform and the rest of the services.   

The DigiTeam service is the digital means for bringing the office worker from their personal to the office space. SmartWork recognizes the fact that except for monitoring the cognitive and physiological parameters of the users and providing health-related support, the efficient collaboration, successful task completion and constant training play an important role in the everyday job-life, significantly contributing to the active ageing of an employee within their working environment. Indeed, SmartWork enables the workers, especially the older ones, to be active members of their working community, exploiting both their competencies and skills but also their valuable job experience. In addition, it promotes work-life balance, by supporting a balanced distribution of the workload, while ensuring the high-levels of productivity. Last but not least, the AI-driven support provided by DigiTeam will be a powerful tool for both employees and employers for organizing their everyday on-going work as well as exploit the feedback received from the completion of previous tasks.

The first prototype of the DigiTeam service is finalised now and it is going to be tested, in terms of usability and acceptance, in the SmartWork pre-pilot phase in Portugal. The feedback will enable further improvements, making sure the user needs are reflected and the technical implementations are aligned with the users’ vision. The DigiTeam service will be a part of the broader SmartWork prototype scheduled for the end of 2020.

Written by: Andreas Raptopoulos, SmartWork Project Coordinator (Byte)

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